Time to get down and dirty!!! Every now and then we come across a project that just requires a little extra effort to make it special.

For us it was a portrait session with a very special client and we needed a hand painted canvas background. bellow are a few images of the process along with the DIY instructions.

What You Need

  • Canvas drop cloth
  • emulsion wall paint
  • Roller brush
  • Paint tray
  • Duct tape
  • And some really good music 🙂
  1. For us we had a old canvas background lying around, but if you are using a new canvas make sure to first prime it.
  2. Spread out the canvas and tape it to the floor, stretching it as mush as you can.
  3. Next you need to pour some paint in the tray and using the roller mix it up.
  4. Once your paint is ready, just roller the roller brush on the slopes side of the tray to get the right amount of paint on and remove any extra.
  5. Now of you go, start from one end and be consistent with the amount of pressure you apply. keep going back and forth till there is full coverage of your paint. You will need a few coats of paint, so be patient.
  6. Let it dry for a few days and Voila your hand painted backdrop is ready !!!

Happy painting guys!!!


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